Fall Festival

Student Programs

Fall Festival will be held in person in 2021! An online option is available for those who prefer it. Enrollment will be open from August 1st – September 7th. For students doing video submissions, the deadline for uploading videos will be October 17.

Fall Festival 2021:Celebrating Music of the Baroque Period

Fall Festival 2022: Celebrating Music of the Classical Period

Fall Festival 2023: Celebrating Music of the Romantic Period

Sat. October 9, 2021 Piano Bell Cultural Events Center
MidAmerica Nazarene University Olathe
Sun. October 10, 2021 Piano, Vocal, Strings, Adults (Afternoon only) Bell Cultural Events Center
MidAmerica Nazarene University Olathe

Coordinator –Beci Lankford, becilankford@gmail.com

Fall Festival Student Requirements

  • Perform one memorized piece of period literature for an adjudicator (Adults may use music)

Baroque Composer List

Classical Composer List

Romantic Composer List

  • Each student must have his or her own original score for judge’s use, measures numbered. Accompanist must also have original score.
  • No photocopies will be allowed unless accompanied by the written permission of the publisher.
  • Downloaded music needs to have a receipt attached, proving the purchase of each download.
  • All photocopies need to have a release form for copyright. Please read carefully before signing. This form does not excuse or permit copied music. Its purpose is to protect KCMTA.

Release form

  • Entrants have a time limit of five minutes. It is permissible to play two shorter pieces/movements as long as the five-minute time limit is not exceeded.
  • Students will receive a ribbon, a certificate, and a written evaluation with a rating. In addition, a student earns points toward a Fall Festival Award plaque engraved with his or her name and the year in which the award was received. A plaque is awarded each time twelve points are earned

Rating Points Ribbon
Highest Honors 4 points Purple Ribbon
High Honors 3 points Blue Ribbon
Honors 2 points Red Ribbon
Honorable Mention 1 point White Ribbon

Participation in KCMTA Fall Festival requires Registration, Payment and a Studio Volunteer.

  •  PayPal option for online payment! (Checks still accepted. All checks should be made out to KCMTA. See confirmation email for details.)
  • Non-refundable Fees:
    $18 per student with no teacher fee for KCMTA members
    $18 per student plus $25 teacher fee for members of MTNA
    $18 per student plus $75 teacher with no MTNA membership
  • We will also accept registrations at the Fall Kick-Off Meeting, Saturday, September 19th.
  • Once the established schedule is emailed to you, there is no option but to perform in the recital at your scheduled time. No changes will be made via email or on the day of Fall Festival.

Registration procedure:

Find the Fall Festival site at http://kcmta.tenutoweb.com/

Login: kcmta + teacher code  (example:  kcmta5555)
Password: teacher last name in lower case letters (example: smith)

Please email David Tauscher david@tauschermusic.com  if:

  • You are a teacher without a sign-in code
  • You are a teacher registering a transfer student who has previously attended Fall Festival under a different teacher.

Siblings can be scheduled in same recital only when indicated on registration.

Studio volunteer: The KCMTA Fall Festival is a teacher-staffed event. We need and appreciate every studio helping in some way.

  • Teachers will be emailed a signupgenious.com link of Shifts and Stations after September 22.
  • Please sign up for a position and timeslot that works best for you.
  • We also welcome responsible and dependable parents, college students and students seeking Community Service Hours.