Letter to Parents


September 2019

Dear Parents:

The Kansas City Music Teachers Association offers a variety of auditions and recitals for students throughout the 2019 – 2020 season:

Master Lessons – September 20-23, 2019; Schmitt Music and UMKC
Concert: September 22, 2019; White Recital Hall, UMKC

This event encompasses two parts: master lessons Sept. 20-23 and a concert September 22 at White Recital Hall, UMKC campus, free to the public, featuring Dr. Thomas Rosenkranz of UMKC and the most outstanding Master Lessons students. (Deadline – September 6, 2019)

Fall Festival – October 12-13, 2019; MidAmerica Nazarene University

Music of the Romantic Period will be this year’s theme. One memorized piece is performed before an audience and an adjudicator. (Deadline – Sept. 14, 2019)

Holiday Program – December 12-16, 2019; Union Station

This program is for the public performance of seasonal literature; for students of piano, voice or any instrument.
(Deadline – October 15, 2019)

Concerto Competition – February 8, 2020; Auditions at Schmitt Music; May 2, 2020, concert at Blue Springs High School.

Repertoire: one movement (memorized) of a concerto for piano or other instrument from the standard repertoire. The winner will receive a $ prize and perform with orchestra.
(Deadline – January 7, 2020)

Junior Concerto Competition/Recital – February 8, 2020; Schmitt Music

This competition is an opportunity for students of piano, strings, and instrumentalists to compete for awards and to perform in a recital setting..
(Deadline – January 7, 2020)

Music Progressions – March 28-29, 2020; Village Music Academy; Lawrence event March 17-18, 2020; Central United Methodist

Music Progressions is an annual evaluation designed to measure a student’s musical progress in all areas of musicianship. A few areas are: performance, history and appreciation, listening, creative options, theory and sight- reading. Participants receive their tests, performance critique and a certificate.
(Deadline – February 24, 2020)

Achievement Auditions – TBA, 2020; Location TBA; Honors Recital May 3 at Schmitt Music.

The Achievement Auditions are private auditions with an adjudicator. All students receive a written evaluation, certificate and rating. Two or three memorized pieces are required as well as corresponding technical work. (Deadline – TBA)


Service Project – Performed throughout the year

Students will entertain at various retirement homes throughout the Greater Kansas City area, a tradition that started in our 75th anniversary year, 1990. One can enroll throughout the calendar year.

Please encourage the musician(s) of your family to participate in some of these exciting musical events.

The Kansas City Music Teachers Association