About Us

History & Mission

Kansas City Music Teachers Association was organized in 1915. Our Missouri State Charter was granted on October 16, 1929.

KCMTA advances the value of music study and music-making for our diverse community while supporting the professionalism of music teachers. KCMTA is a non-profit organization of professional music educators from the entire Kansas City area that continually strives to provide extraordinary opportunities for people of all ages: hobbyists, professionals, and listeners.

Past Presidents

Hubach, Mr. Alfred* 1915-1916
Cease, Mr. Charles* 1916-1918
Parker, Miss Louise* 1918-1920
Morse, Mr. Wort S.* 1920-1922
Bird, Mrs. J. Bowden* 1922-1923
Peck, Mrs. Mora Moreland* 1923-1925
McNeal, Mrs. Mary Witters* 1925-1927
Ehmman, Mr. Walter* 1927-1929
Snyder, Mrs. George Pence* 1929-1931
Morse, Mr. Wort S.* 1931-1933
Canterbury, Mr. Richard* 1933-1935
Voepel, Miss Pearl 1935-1936
Bircsak, Miss Thusnelda 1936-1938
Larson, Mrs. Opal Martin* 1938-1940
Trusdell, Mrs. Loreen Blankinship* 1940-1942
Williams, Mrs. Eva Tisdale* 1942-1944
Adams, Dr. Robert D. W.* 1944-1946
Boyer, Mrs. Verna Brinkley* 1946-1948
Voepel, Miss Pearl 1948-1949
Redina, Miss Millietta* 1949-1951
Reuhart, Mr. Dale 1951-1952
Luyben, Mr. Robert L.* 1952-1954
Connell, Mr. Richard L. 1954-1956
Wallace, Miss Leta* 1956-1957
Connell, Mr. Richard L. 1957-1958
Adams, Dr. Robert D. W.* 1958-1960
Carlson, Mrs. John F.* 1960-1962
Ferkenhoff, Mrs. Marion H.* 1962-1964
Rule, Miss Nadean* 1964-1966
Welch, Mrs. Violet B.* 1966-1968
Mahnken, Mr. David * 1968-1969
Redina, Miss Mellietta* 1969-1971
Blim, Mrs. Miles G.* 1971-1973
Stevenson, Mrs. Helen 1973-1974
Werner, Mrs. Betty* 1974-1975
Blake, Mrs. Ruth 1975-1976
Werner, Mrs. Betty* 1976-1978
Atwell, Mrs. Cynthia 1978-1980
Brock, Mrs. Vera 1980-1982
Mueller, Mrs. Carol L. 1982-1984
Hanschu, Mrs. Mary Ann* 1984-1986
Chaffee, Mrs. Louise* 1986-1988
Davis, Mrs. Mary Bronaugh 1988-1990
Hanson, Mrs. Marion 1990-1992
Thompson, Mrs. Patricia Moll 1992-1994
La Bach, Mrs. Donna 1994-1996
Mehnert, Mrs. Millie 1996-1998
Graff, Mrs. Zani* 1998-2000
Dudley, Mrs. Marles Smith 2000-2002
Eckert, Mrs. Sharon 2002-2004
Janice White 2004-2007
Joyce Berg 2007-2009
Lisa McCluer 2009-2011
Michelle Gehring 2011-2013
Jennifer Fink 2013-2015
Janet Fetterman 2015-2017
Kari Johnson 2017-2019