Media Library

Media Library

KCMTA Media Library 

KCMTA has a collection of MTNA conference media dating back many years.  The collection includes cassette tapes, DVDs, CDs and video tapes.

Materials may be kept for up to four weeks (they are due at the next KCMTA meeting). Materials kept longer than four weeks, or items that are damaged, will be assessed a $5.00 fine.

Immediate Past Chair: Jennifer Lacy at 913-671-7995 or

Audio Cassettes

Adapting to Individual Differences Carol Rogel Scott
A Microcosm of Bach: The 18 Little Preludes R. Hokanson
A Perspective on Student Preparation and Progress Dorothy Miriani
A Tool for Identifying Hidden Assumptions that Sabotage Performance Dorothy Miriani
A Traditionalist’s Guide to Electronic Keyboards Harms/Kern
A Tribute to Alberto Ginastera Delgado
A Waltz Through the Life of Frederic Chopin K. Roundtree
Alternatives to the Haydn D Major Concerto K. Roundtree
Are Your Students Really Reading? J. Bastien
The Art of Adjudication Albergo/Sahr
At the Piano with the Masters Maurice Hinson
Beyond the Private Lesson Maduca/Thielen
But Are We Teaching Music? Blickenstaff/Werner
The Case of the Irresponsible Student Suzanne Guy
Chopin Editions and Modern Performance Thomas Higgins
Creative Outlets for the Independent Music Teacher Herrett/Carden
Current Trends in Practice Research: Practical Implications for the Applied Teacher Nancy Barry
Developing Activities for Students Finley/Mason/Fahlman
Development of Music Readiness in Preschool Children Edwin Gordon
Do You Hear What I Hear? Piano Questions Answered by a Piano Technician Urlacher
Easy Improvisation for Classical Piano Teachers Lee Evans
Electronic Keyboard/Acoustic Piano in the Lesson Joy Carden
The Extended Studio: Meanings and Possibilities Dehne/Sugars
Freeing the Caged Bird: A Step-by-Step Approach for Developing Well-Coordinated Injury Preventative Keyboard Technic
Fun for One-Handed Literature for the Left and Right Hands T. Schmacher
Goyescas by Enrique Granados E. Mach/J. Baker
Group Activities for the Independent Studio Gayle Kowalchyk
Group Piano Teacher’s Salvation Steven Roberson
High School and College Student Composer John Hilliard
How Can We Prevent Drop Outs? Sidney Lawrence
How to Catch a Comet Margaret Ott
Improving Performance Through Movement: Dalcroze Eurythmics Applied T. Caldwell
In the Beginning…Teaching Adult Learners Gwendolyn Perun
Independent Music Teacher’s Forum
Independent Teacher: Paying Attention to Business Barr/Karsnia
The Intelligent System for Music: A New System Utilizing Hardware and Software Larry Harms
Jazz and Kansas City Ben Glover
Keeping Up to Date: Computers for the Private Teacher Roger McRae
Local Associations and Their Impact on National Certification Wilson/Nelson/Hwalck
Looking to the Future: What’s Ahead for Certification Goodwin/McGinnis
Master Class Joanne Baker
Master Class: Piano (Tapes A & B) Peter Takacs
Master Class: The Singer’s Art Oren Brown
Master Class Stecher/Horowitz
The Motion of the Dance in Baroque Music Sandra Soderlund
Music Enrichment for the Preschool Child M. Woods/Shields
Musicianship: More than “Just Theory” Rebecca Corley
Optimizing Learning Potential for Disadvantaged Petrie/Happy
Organ and Piano Technique: Friend or Foe? John Ditto
Out of the Method Books…Into the Literature Barbara Wasson
Perk Up Your Piano Students and Lessons J. Bastien
Personal Aspects of the Student-Teacher Relationship Kenneth Bruscia
Personal Computer in the Group Piano Studio Lawrence Rast
Pianistic Pitfalls in Sonatina Syndrome Woolsey/Holmes
Piano Music of Alexander Scriabin Woolsey/Holmes
Piano Master Classes of F. Liszt & Hans von Bulow Larimer/Pollei
Piano Lessons: Gain Without Pain Dennis Siebenaler
Piano Pedagogy Demonstration & Faculty Evaluation Larimer/Pollei
Piano Practice: A Positive Addiction Suzanne Guy
Positive Growth in Group Piano Virginia Campbell
Positive, Practical Performer: Teacher & Student Virginia Campbell
Power of National Certification Anita Whalen
Preparing Students for Auditions Joyce Grill et al.
Preparing Students for Performance Jane Allen
Problems of Style and Interpretation Maurice Hinson
Producing Happy Readers and Parents Louise Guhl
Pulse Patterning for Pianist C. Aschbrenner
Purposeful Practicing – Active or Inactive Motion D. Disselhorst
Projects for a Summer Studio Martha Mier
Rachmaninoff: The Impact of His Famous c# minor Prelude on Others of His Preludes Lewis/Terrill/Wing
Rags are Riches Lewis/Terrill/Wing
Self Care for the Independent Teacher S. Blickenstaff
Self-Esteem and Its Impact on Learning William Prey
Sight Reading/Improvisation as Function of Cognitive Style A. Salanowski
SOS! Survival of Problem Students Michol/Laird
Spanish Music for the Intermediate Student Martha Violett
Student Motivations and How to Duet Anthony Lenti
Teaching Ensembles in the Independent Studio Robert Vandall
Teaching Improvisation: How to Start Ann Labounsky
Technology Doesn’t Bite Goss/Holland/Werner
Using Keyboard Technology to Enhance Learning Bostrom et al.
Ways to Upgrade and Uplift Your Teaching Career Bostrom et al.
The Well-Tempered Adjudicator Bostrom et al.
Working With Students With Special Concerns Campbell/Almlic


Dalcroze Eurhythmics Robert Abramson
Nelita True at Eastman Nelita True
Performance Practices in Classical Piano Music Maurice Hinson
Performance Practices in Romantic Piano Music Maurice Hinson
Multi-Piano (1998, 1999) KCMTA
Videoconference: Customizing the Profession of Teaching Music (2 tapes)


Bela Bartok’s For Children
The Role of Health and Wellness Training for Young Musicians
Yes, Virginia, You Can Teach Composing
For String, Wind, Voice Teachers: Fun Tools and Techniques