Teacher Workshops 2018-2019

Janet Fetterman, NCTM, Chair

Sept. 22, 2018
Leawood Pioneer Library
Kick-off meeting: Noon lunch and workshop
The work of the Beatles featuring Dr. David Thurmaeir
Nov. 2, 2018
Schmitt Music
10 a.m. meeting followed by workshops by Wynn-Anne Rossi.
10:15-11:45 a.m., “The Spark of Inspiration,” a comprehensive lecture which unites core teaching elements from her three most popular lectures:  Seeds of Imagination, Creative Composition in the Studio, and American Music: Jazz meets Latin.  There are so many ways to spark inspiration and keep it alive in your studio.Lunch: Noon-1 p.m.1-2 p.m.: “Jazzy notes and Wild Stories” – Jazz History is bursting with colorful characters and rich stories!  Join Wynn-Anne as she takes you on a jazzy journey from ragtime through contemporary jazz.


Nov. 3, 2018
Schmitt Music

Meet the composer recitals and composition masterclasses.  Multiple recitals throughout the day

Feb. 5, 2019
Schmitt Music

10 a.m. meeting and workshop: “The Key Characteristics of Franz Liszt’s Late Piano Works” by Dr. Mei Li.

A discussion of two main categories into which Liszt’s late works often fall: death and despair.  Dr. Li will use biographical evidence from his last years to explain why these two categories had such a strong hold over his mental and musical world.

April 5, 2019
Schmitt Music
10 a.m. meeting and workshop. “Taming the Jungle: Digital Management Strategies for the Independent Music Teacher” by Amy Chaplin
Learn invaluable time-saving strategies for managing information and communication as a music teacher and professional. Increase your ability to cull, absorb, and retrieve your most valued content using tools such as Evernote, Feedly, and more.