Online Pedagogy Resource: Conero International Piano Festival

Dear Friends,

The 2020 Conero International (Virtual)Piano Festival was hosted online from August 10th to the 18th. 13 faculty, 6 Pedagogy Fellows, around 30 students, 15 piano pedagogy scholars, and more than 100 observers from the US, Europe and Asia participated this festival. We have produced a lot of high quality masterclasses and lectures during the festival.

Since 2020 is a such special year, we tried our best to make these videos as free as possible. We would like to share all seven evaluation masterclasses, six Pedagogy Fellow lectures, the Piano Pedagogy Symposium, as well as the opening ceremony, Career Planning workshop and a lovely Student Honor Recital to our KCMTA members!

Opening Ceremony:

Piano Performance Evaluation Masterclasses


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional masterclasses with a live audience are not possible this year. We have developed an effective and innovative method for long distance learning and participation in masterclasses.

The Conero International Pedagogy Symposium:

It is a very interesting video especially for piano teachers to watch. We collected the most challenging questions from young teachers and scholars from countries all over the world to discuss in the symposium.

Career Planning workshop:

Dr. Scott Smith and Dr. Jill Timmons give the young pianist a different view to think about career development in the future.

Pedagogy Fellow lectures: Conero Pedagogy Fellow Lectures

Six outstanding piano pedagogy fellows were invited to give the lectures that focus on piano pedagogy. A wide range of topics is covered, including teaching piano duets, how to teach post-tonal music, developing effective piano lessons, an exploration of intermediate Czech piano repertoire, an analysis of Beethoven’s Op. 110, and the interpretation of dance elements in Bach’s partitas. You will enjoy this professionally produced educational opportunity!

Student Honor Recital:

The Conero International Piano Festival also includes a competition, which is being conducted online this year. The Final Round competition result will be released soon, and we have some final candidates from Kansas!! There are also many faculty and students from Kansas; both me and another founder Dr. Congcong Chai graduated from KU. Indeed, we have a strong emotional attachment to the local area.  All of you are invited to join in the 2021 Conero International Piano Competition and Festival next year!  Please feel free to share any videos you like.

Best Regards,

Dr. Ivy Lu Wang

Founder and Executive Director


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