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Master Lessons – Enroll Now!

I’m extending the deadline to the 21st to give more people a chance to enroll.  Jason is a great pianist with a DMA, but he is also a composer, has experience in jazz and pop playing, and works with theater companies regularly.  He has enthusiasm for a wide spectrum of music, so this makes Master Lessons this year a good option for students who might normally not consider it.  We’ll be online, but we will still have the honors recital and workshops.  We’ll be asking that participants upload a video of their performance to google drive or youtube (private videos are fine) so he can watch in advance, and then the lesson will be spent talking about the performance, how to improve a video submission, or whatever else the student, teacher, and Jason want to address.  I think this will be a really great experience for everyone who wants to participate!   People are welcome to email me with questions.


Kari Johnson

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