Fall Festival Information

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well during this difficult time.

I wanted to send you updates about the KCMTA Fall Festival.

KCMTA Fall Festival will be held online this year due to the Covid pandemic.

Please enter your students at https://kcmta.tenutoweb.com/  Registration is open till September 19th.  The video upload portal will be provided after enrollment closes.

A few key points to make a successful video:

1) Create the video in a horizontal aspect (do not hold the phone vertically while recording).  Save the video in MP4 format if possible.   If the pieces are short, the student can make one video; if they are longer, please upload each video separately.

2) It is very important to compress your video.  If the videos are huge files, they take a VERY long time to upload and if your internet connection isn’t stable, it can stop and we will not get the video and you will need to start over. Reduce (compress) the size (resolution) of the video.  480P is more than enough to upload.  A free program called HANDBRAKE will do the job for you.

By October 1st I will send an email with instructions on the upload website and more details on how to use HANDBRAKE.  I know this can be a daunting task but I will do my best to have everything outlined and easily achieved in about five clicks!


David Tauscher

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