Fall Festival: Seven reasons why

Fall Festival 2020

By now you may have heard that this event is celebrating something new – The COVIDian Era! There are several reasons for taking this event online. Here are the Musical ABCs to guide us:

All those fingers on all those keys made this choice easier as news of pandemic extended into the summer. Masks can only protect so much. Let’s keep our studios as healthy as possible!

Begin your fall planning as usual, Teachers!  This is a great way to help our students enjoy something normal again.

Cast a wide net when you invite students to participate in this Contemporary Era celebration. Composers born after 1900 include pedagogical as well as the classical genre. What a great year to start earning points toward a plaque!

Do you have students who deal with various performance anxieties? This is the year to build confidence and reward their hard work! Parents will record the students as they play a prepared piece and then upload the file to a designated site. Adjudicators will then give written comments as usual, but not in the typical mini-recital format.

Ending this Festival will be different. No waiting outside a Recording Room for your packet. Instead, you’ll be notified when and where to pick up the adjudicator comments, ribbons and plaques sometime in November.

Forget about your volunteer Shifts and Stations this year. There will be no Check-in Desks, Inside Monitors, Outside Escorts, Greeters or Hospitality Room. We hope to need you next year. Enjoy a year off!

Give David Tauscher a big thanks for making this possible. This is not his first event to take online during the pandemic. He will give us clear instructions for a successful uploading experience so watch out for his instruction emails. Depending on your comfort level, it might not be easy, but it will be simple.


May your studios thrive in Fall 2020!


-Lisa Wilson, Fall Festival Coordinator



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