A Message from the KCMTA president

KCMTA members,

I hope you are all healthy and staying positive during these difficult times!

I am almost overwhelmed by the resources that have been shared that will help us continue to do our jobs remotely.  If you have questions about how to teach during this crisis, please reach out!  Call or email me or another local teacher so that we can support each other.

If you don’t use Facebook regularly, I encourage you to try it now.  Since it takes some time to compose and distribute these emails, we use the KCMTA Facebook page to forward information quickly.  Make sure to “Like” it so that our posts will show in your newsfeed!  There are also MANY helpful Facebook groups but I find The Art of Piano Pedagogy to be very comprehensive.  It’s a private group but it is easy to request membership.  Near the top of their page, you’ll find “units” of materials that will help you use the group effectively and learn to teach online.

Watch your email for updates on the MTNA Virtual Conference – since the annual conference had to be canceled, they will provide content from many presenters and exhibitors for FREE at MTNA.org.  What an opportunity!  Many piano blogs also have helpful information right now, including this recent article by Wendy Stevens.


Our April meeting and joint workshop with the Federated Music Teachers is canceled.  Our presenter, Dr. Chris Madden, will instead record the workshop and provide us with a private YouTube link.  We’ll let you know when it is ready!

The KCMTA Music Progressions events in both Prairie Village and Lawrence are canceled.  If you paid enrollment fees, the checks will be destroyed.  KMTA designed Music Progressions so that one or a few teachers could host testing on their own.  If you would like to pursue Music Progressions in another format, let me know, because I am contemplating whether to arrange something for my own students.  You can also contact the state Music Progressions chair, Nancy Blockcolsky, directly.

Achievement Auditions enrollments will remain open.  Options for continuing this event are being considered.  Please contact Linda Chen if you have any questions!

Music lessons and practice are an activity that our students can do from home.  This is a positive thing since so many of their other activities have had to be entirely canceled!  I’ve had one parent ask about signing up two more siblings for lessons.  I’m not sure how I will go about starting brand new students at this time but I’m sure I’ll be able to find lots of opinions from our worldwide music teaching community!  I hope that all of you can find some positive outcomes through this difficult time.

Kellie Harvey



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