Easy Strategies for Solving a Potpourri of Pianistic Problems Elizabeth M. Grace, NCTM

Looking for a great way to escape the winter blues?

 Would you like to learn easy ways to improve your students’ technique without spending a lot of lesson time doing so? Plan to attend the Feb. 4 KCMTA meeting to find answers to these questions and more!

Many students faithfully practice their scales and chords and still make mistakes in their pieces. The building blocks of a solid and reliable technique will be presented, followed by foolproof solutions to common problems that impair accuracy and artistry.  Strategies for fixing collapsed joints, lumpy runs, missed jumps and poor tone quality will also be discussed.

If you have a pesky technical issue in a particular piece or technical exercise that you’d like addressed, please email Beth Grace:


Please list the title of the piece, composer, book where it can be found and the specific measure numbers.

See you on February 4 at 10 am!



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