KCMTA Fall Festival Recital Etiquette

Fall Festival is approaching. Here are some etiquette tips to share with your students and their parents. These will also be printed in the programs:

We hope you have an enjoyable musical experience as we celebrate composers from the Romantic Era. As an audience member, you play a special role as you encourage students with your applause. Please remember the experience happening between the student and the judge is the most important thing happening in the room.

Taking Videos: You may record your child’s performance, but you do not have permission to record other people’s children. Your recording may not interfere with the performance or block the view of others, especially the Judge’s. It is best to record from your seat rather than standing up to move closer to the piano, thus adding undue pressure to the performer.

Parental or Teacher Interference: Once the student heads to the bench, there is nothing to say that would be helpful to the student. Such interferences are intimidating to both the student playing and the students who are part of the audience. If there is ANY interference, except for setting up a pedal extension or other needed equipment, the Monitor will report it to the Recording Room and the student will be docked one point from their rating.

Young children: If you are accompanying a restless child, exit quickly. Please do not wait for the Monitor to ask you to leave. If you anticipate a young child will be fussy, please keep them busy in the hallway until the recital is over. It would be better to miss the performance of your child than to allow a the sibling to become a distraction for others.

Thank you for doing your part to make this day a pleasant one for the students who have worked so hard to honor the music of the Romantic Era. We hope to see you next year when we celebrate the Contemporary Composers.

-KCMTA Fall Festival Team

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