Fall Festival 2019 changes

We are excited to celebrate the beautiful music of the Romantic Era. Please see http://kansascitymusicteachers.org/student-programs/fall-festival for instructions. If you have a long history with Fall Festival, we hope you will appreciate the changes. Please watch the newsletter for more updates.


-DOCKING SHEET with clear policies to hopefully discourage students using music for memorized pieces, teacher or parent interference of performances, illegal copies

-COPY ALERT attached to copies as well as Release Form we’ve always made available. Student Check-In Desk will screen music to assure original music is being used.

-RECITAL ETIQUETTE guidelines will be added to printed program to address cell phones usage, video recording, etc.

-VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN DESK as well as STUDENT CHECK-IN DESK we’ve always had. Teachers/Volunteers will check-in, grab nametag and designate how they’d like to receive rating sheets and ribbons if not able to retrieve Sunday evening.

-TEACHER WORK OPT OUT – Teachers may pay $50 in lieu of working. While most teachers are happy to volunteer, a few do not. Beginning next year, Fall Festival 2020, teachers will be asked to pay $50 to KCMTA before enrolling students the following year if a teacher did not work the previous year. When signup genius has no more openings, it is the teacher’s responsibility to be available for helping with other tasks.

-SCHEDULE CHANGING – After experimenting with make-up recitals, etc., we have concluded there is no reasonable way to accommodate post-schedule changes. We have made the deadline as late as possible to give teachers and parents time to make wise scheduling decisions before registering. Teachers, make every effort to help parents realize once the schedule is made, the only option is to perform at scheduled recital or forfeit registration fee as there are no refunds.

-TEAM LED EVENT – The Fall Festival will no longer be led by one or two Chairpersons. We have created a division of labor among several areas. Please see October Newsletter for specific contact information.

Thank you for all you do to make the KCMTA Fall Festival a success for students, parents and fellow teachers. We hope to make this an event we can be proud of as our students explore Composer legacies.

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