Mark your calendars for Wynn-Anne Rossi

Teachers mark these dates on your calendar!

The Kansas City Music Teachers Association and The  Federated Music Teachers of Kansas City are bringing in clinician and composer Wynn-Anne Rossi.  She will be here working with us and our students in early November.

November 2- (Friday) We will have workshops for teachers.  One session in the morning, lunch and then another session in the afternoon.

November 3- (Saturday) We will have a day of recitals including composition recitals.  (Your students will have a chance to work with Wynn-Anne on their own original compositions!  Note that the composition needs to be for Piano, or if with another instrument, have that instrument there to perform.)

We will also have “Meet the Composer” recitals throughout the day where your students can perform a piece by Mrs. Rossi and then she can comment briefly about the piece.  Then we can have pictures and she can sign their music.

I do hope that you will plan to participate with your students at these events.  Please mark those dates off on your calendar and plan to come!

Dr. Janet Fetterman, VP Workshops


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