October Blog Highlight – Resources!

For new teachers, implementing games and worksheets can be exciting and a little daunting.  Even for the most seasoned teacher, games, composition ideas, more games and organizational tools can come to the rescue and breathe in some new life into lessons.

There are many websites and blogs that provide invaluable resources.  But two in particular that have some fabulous ideas and a wealth of files ready to download, print and use are these –


Susan Paradis has some fabulous ideas and resources for all levels, not just the beginner!  Take time to explore what she has to offer.  She has also compiled several of her resources into handy books for purchasing.  You will find games, worksheets, all sorts of  teaching ideas, composition worksheets, sheet music and much more.  Its worth your trip to hop over to her site and explore!

Layton Music Games and Resources

Layton Music Games is game heavy for both group and individual teaching.  The last time this site was updated to what I can see is 2010.  However, there are many ideas here that will help you plan a successful group lesson and give you support in teaching those visually minded students.  I have seen her website referenced with resources over and over again on Pinterest and in the more popular piano blogs.

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