September Blog Highlight – Tim Topham

The cutting edge in piano pedagogy seems to be coming from teachers who have turned to blogging about their craft.  This year, breathe some fresh ideas, access new music and material into your teaching as we explore a few of the many blogs out there.

Have you heard about Tim Topham?

TT-headshotHe’s an Australian based teacher but has quite a following here in the U.S.A.  Not only is he tech savvy with reviews on the latest teaching apps, he has several offerings from his site.  From podcast to some great supplemental material, his site is worth checking out.  If you are in a quandary of  how to save your teen students or how to work with boys, he’s your guy.

Subscribing to his email blog feed with get you some freebies that are well worth it.

Read all about him here –

Inspired Piano Teaching – Tim Topham

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