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Music Progressions

Enrollment deadline March 16 for both locations

Chair: Aurelien Boccard
Kansas City Event
Location: Village Music Academy
Dates: April 24-25, 2021
Contact: Aurelien Boccard
Lawrence Event
Dates: April 17-18
Location: Central United Methodist Church
Contact: Janet Hart, 785-331-9328

Description: Music Progressions is a KMTA sponsored program that is designed to be a suggested curriculum of independent music study. The annual evaluation measures a student’s progress in all areas of musicianship. This non-competitive program consists of ten progressive levels. Each level requires proficiency in performance, music terminology, rhythm and pulse development, sight-playing, scales, written theory and ear-training. Students receive a certificate of participation, a ribbon, written adjudicator’s critique, and results from music listening and theory tests.

Rules: Students may enter at any level. Participation is not based on year in school or years of music study. Students enroll in one level for all categories. Because this space does not allow for the detailed explanations of requirements and options for each level, please refer to the Music Progressions Curriculum Guide. It is available to download at Also available is the Music Progressions Resource Handbook, a teacher’s manual that contains resources and suggestions to help prepare students for the event.

All Levels Include:

  • Performance-one memorized solo & one solo, contrasting style, memory optional. There are no restrictions on repertoire; method book pieces and arrangements are allowed.
  • Music Understanding, Vocabulary, Functional Skills, Sightplaying, Listening & Written Theory-see Music Progressions Curriculum Guide for details for each level.

Eligibility and Fees: Students of all ages are eligible to enter. Registration is $25.00 per student.  Separate enrollment and teacher work forms are available below for the two locations. To enter students, please return a copy of each form with one check, payable to KCMTA.

Prairie Village location:
Music Progressions enrollment form
Teacher work form

Lawrence location: 
Music Progressions enrollment form
Teacher work form