Fall Festival

Student Programs

Fall Festival 2017: Celebrating Music of the Baroque Period

Sat. October 14, 2017 Piano Bell Cultural Events Center
MidAmerica Nazarene University Olathe
Sun. October 15, 2017 Piano, Vocal, Strings, Adults (Afternoon only) Bell Cultural Events Center
MidAmerica Nazarene University Olathe

Enrollment — Lisa J. Wilson, hardy.party@hotmail.com, 913-481-4541

The Fall Festival requires the performance of one memorized piece of literature for an adjudicator.  (Adults may use music.) This year Fall Festival will celebrate music of the Contemporary Period (c. 1900 – present). Please use your judgement when selecting composers. Original music copyrighted after 1900 will be allowed. Transcriptions, abridgements, or arrangements will not be allowed for the piano entries. Email Lisa Wilson regarding questions about a composer.

Each student must have his or her own original score. No photocopies will be allowed unless accompanied by written permission of the publisher. All photocopies need to have Release Form for copyright (check website). Downloaded music needs to have a copy of receipt attached to it.

Entrants have a time limit of five minutes. It is permissible to play two shorter pieces/movements as long as the five minute time limit is not exceeded.

Students will receive a ribbon, a certificate and a written evaluation with a rating. In addition, a student earns points toward a Fall Festival Award plaque engraved with his or her name and the year in which the award was received. A plaque is awarded each time twelve points are earned.

Rating Points Ribbon
Highest Honors 4 points Purple Ribbon
High Honors 3 points Blue Ribbon
Honors 2 points Red Ribbon
Honorable Mention 1 point White Ribbon

Non-refundable Fees:
$18 per student with no teacher fee for KCMTA members
$18 per student plus $25 teacher fee for members of MTNA
$18 per student plus $75 teacher with no MTNA membership

It is unlikely that special requests will be honored or changes in the schedule will be made after the schedule has been completed. Please notify Lisa Wilson of any cancellations in writing or by e-mail.

All entries and checks must be postmarked by August 31 , 2016. No late entries will be accepted.

Make one check payable to KCMTA for the number of students multiplied by $18.00 (plus teacher fee, if applicable) and mail it to Lisa Wilson with the completed enrollment and volunteer forms. Enrollment is not complete until the fee is paid and teacher work form received. Packets will be distributed at the September meeting.

Lisa J. Wilson

Fall Festival Enrollment Information

 Thank you for your patience as we have worked to bring an improved enrollment system to KCMTA’s Fall Festival.

Here is a link to the registration system: Fall Festival Registration

Registration is a 2-step process.

  1. First, enroll on line and complete enrollment through the cart.
  2. Complete Teacher Work Form and mail with studio check to Lisa Wilson (address above), postmarked no later than 08/31/2016.

Login: kcmta + teacher code  (example:  kcmta5555)

Password: teacher last name in lower case letters (example: smith)

Click on the above-listed link. This will bring you to the Directions page. Follow directions for enrollment. All tabs are clearly marked.

At check out, you will see directions on where to send your studio check and Teacher Work Form.

For teachers without a sign-in code, please contact David Tauscher at david@tauschermusic.com for an assigned teacher number.

For teachers experiencing difficulty with signing in, please contact Lisa Wilson at hardy.party@hotmail.com or David Tauscher at david@tauschermusic.com for assistance.

Teacher Work Requirement

Sunday work times: At this time, our plan is to start at 1 pm on Sunday but if enrollments are larger than expected, we will schedule performances on Sunday morning, as well.  Please consider making a third choice on Sunday morning (we cannot run the morning without workers) in case we must schedule students at that time.

Teacher Work Form