2018-2019 Calendar

All board and general meetings begin at 10 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2018

Aug 21Executive Board MeetingSchmitt Music
Sept 1Deadline: KMTA Distrcicts 1 and 2 auditions enrollment
Sept 1Holiday program enrollment opens
Sept 5Deadline:MMTA District 3 Auditions enrollment
Sept 10Deadline: Master Lessons enrollment
Sept 22KCMTA meeting and Fall KickoffLeawood Pioneer Library
Sept 22Deadline: Fall Festival enrollment
Sept 22MMTA District 3 Vocal Auditions
Maple Woods Community College
Sept 23MMTA District 3 AuditionsUniversity of Central Missouri
Sept 28-29Master LessonsSchmitt Music
Sept 30Master LessonsGrant Hall UMKC
Sept 30Master Lessons Artist ConcertWhite Hall UMKC
Sept 30Deadline:Holiday Program enrollment
Oct 1Master Lessons Schmitt Music
Oct. 1Deadline:MMTA Honors Auditions Enrollment
Oct. 2KCMTA Meeting and Master ClassSchmitt Music
Oct 6KMTA District 1 and 2 AuditionsBell Center MNU
Oct 9Executive Board MeetingSchmitt Music
Oct 13-14Fall FestivalBell Center MNU
Oct 14Deadline: KMTA Honors Auditions Enrollment (Pre-collegiate)
Oct 15Deadline:Holiday Program Enrollment
Oct 19-20KMTA ConferenceEmporia State University
Oct 20Deadline:KMTA Honors Auditions Enrollment (Collegiate)
Nov 2KCMTA Meeting, Workshops and LunchSchmitt Music
Nov 3Wynn-Anne Rossi Recitals and Composition MasterclassesSchmitt Music
Nov 3-4MMTA State Honors AuditionsUniversity of Missouri
Nov 6Executive Board Meeting Schmitt Music
Nov 10-11KMTA State Honors AuditionsUniversity of Kansas
Dec 7-9Holiday ProgramUnion Station
Dec. 11Executive Board MeetingTBA
Dec 15Multi-piano RehearsalShining Light Music

Spring 2019

Jan 5Multi-piano RehearsalBell Center MNU
Jan 6Multi Piano ConcertsBell Center MNU
Jan 7Deadline:Concerto Competitions Enrollment
Jan 8Executive Board MeetingSchmitt Music
Jan 19Round Table LunchTime and Location TBA
Feb 5KCMTA meeting and workshopSchmitt Music
Feb 9Concerto Competition Schmitt Music
Feb 12Executive board meetingSchmitt Music
Feb 25Deadline:Music Progressions Enrollment
March 1Achievement Auditions Enrollment Opens
Mar 16-20MTNA ConferenceSpokane, WA
Mar 30-31Music Progressions (Kansas City)Village Music Academy
April 1Deadline:Nominations for KCMTA Outstanding Teacher Award
Apr 5KCMTA Meeting and WorkshopSchmitt Music
Apr 9Executive Board MeetingSchmitt Music
Apr 13Deadline: Achievement Auditions Enrollment
TBAMusic Progressions (Lawrence)South Middle School
May 4Achievement AuditionsShining Light Music
May 4Concerto Competition Winner's RecitalBlue Springs High School
May 5Achievement Auditions Honors RecitalSchmitt Music
May 7KCMTA Meeting, Roundtable, LunchTBA
May 10Executive Board MeetingSchmitt Music
June 30Deadline:Local, State, National Dues Payment
July 31Deadline:Yearbook Submissions